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  • Sadly, I will no longer be attending Readers Take Denver 2025, but you can still meet me at Hot & Steamy Portland May 30-June 2, 2024, Sinners & Stardust 2024 and 2025! More to come!

  • Prevail Part Two has not been forgotten. It will be out by July 31st. 

  • SALT, part of the groveton college world, is the first book in a new series! series details and book two to come in a few months!

  • My teams are OPEN! If you've ever been interested in being a part of my ARC team, STREET Team or BETA Team, NOW's your chance!

  • New fun things coming this year!

  • Sin With Me Signed copy store OPEN Now. 

  • Signed copy store OPEN Now! 

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BOSTON MA AUG 16-18, 2024

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Love this book and cannot wait for the next installment! So emotional and sweet. A great intro for the series!

                 -goodreads reader 


🌶 🌶 (kinda slow burn, but when there is spice it is HOT!!! I bet the next book is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥)

I am so in love with the Los Diablos Syndicate world!

Burn is book #1 in the Los Diablos Syndicate series. I think you should read the prequel Crash before this. It helps understand more. This is a dark, mafia/gang reverse harem. Make sure to read the trigger warning!

Its been 2 years since Ella has seen her "Redwood"(explained in Crash)and she isn't in a great place. Her boyfriend Drew treats her like crap, she is still dealing with trauma from her past, and she just wants some joy in her life.

Then she meets some guys that make her feel alive. First, Gage, that she meets while volunteering. He runs a gym with his brothers and some other things 😉. Next she meets Maddox, Gages brother and he is instantly enamoured with Ella. Nyxon is the third guy she meets from their group, and she gets a surprise when she sees him. She hasnt met their friend Stone yet and I cant wait for that!

Ella has been through so much and has the scars to prove it. Thank God she has her best friend Hunter. He helps her so much, but it gets complicated when some feelings get involved. After something horrible happens to Ella, the guys promise to take care of her and protect her, but she doesn't know everything about them, and it could ruin what they have.

And that cliffhanger!?!?! I am dying!!

I am so in love with this world and these characters!! @bexdawnwrites , Burn is absolutely INCREDIBLE and this series is gonna be EPIC, i can't already tell!!


I got Burn as an ARC (advanced reader copy) and now i'm dying for more! This author is new and hot! The writing style is perfection and clearly this story has been well edited as it flowed easily from start to finish. Well done Bex, well done!

Seriously, this book (along with the prequel Crash will you hook you from the very first line. It is such a raw, emotional and seriously hot story that I read the entire book in one sitting. Cannot wait for #2 to come out!

Burn picks up 2 years after Crash leaves off with the story of Ella and her fight to survive her own life and mental health struggles. This story is packed with real twists and turns and we eventually/finally figure out what happens to Redwood from the Crash prequel. Burn is the first in a series of full length reverse harem novels that are part of the Los Diablos Syndicate which center around 4 hot alpha males; Maddox, Stone, Gage and Nyxon. We are left panting and wanting more.

"You may be a victim, carino, but that doesn't make you weak"

Please read the trigger warnings (i.e. non-con) before entering into this amazingly hot story. This is an extremely dark and twisted erotic romance that may not suit everyone's me more!

                                 -goodreads review

cracked foundation

best book i've ever read. hands fucking down. 

primal urges

ahhhhh omfg its so freaking good! hot. spicy. 

emotional. it twists and turns. and holy cow did i mention hot? 100/10 reccomend.

power struggle

This book is HOT! For a couple of years now, I've really only been able to read RH, as anything else can't seem to keep my interest. This book officially fixed that!

With the help of some sneaky, meddlesome assistants, Jackson and Addy end up at the same sex club for a Valentine's Day night of fun. Jackson is freaking PERFECTION. He's a great mix of sweet, caring, and generous, as well as the perfect amount of controlling, and I want one of my very own. The way they banter, flirt, and tease each other is sexy, funny, and exactly what I want in a relationship. I CANNOT WAIT to read more about them!

los diablos

I read Crash, the novella, first. I have a separate review for that. It really baited me on this series. I was so intrigued with the plot and it was - like an appetizer - just a preview of the main course. Then I sat down with Burn, Evolve and Resurrect back to back. Let's just say I barely came out of my cave until last night around 2 am and I really wasn't ready to. I was left speechless. I cried. I cried so much. I had a few nightmares. Not gonna lie. Oh, but I laughed twice as much and I loved like a teenager, too.

This book was different from some of the other dark mafia romance books I've read in the past. Bex has a way of really developing the plotline so deeply that you are completely consumed by it. The spicy scenes are just the frosting on the cake. The storyline is the true meat and potatoes.

The characters are so well-developed. I feel like I truly know them on a personal level. I feel like I WAS Ella for almost an entire week! I loved each character like they were my own, I hated each enemy as if they had wronged me personally. I cried whenever Ella and Hunter talked about their past. I smiled every time Maddox smiled his gorgeous smile and winked at me. I wanted to slap Nyx every single time he did something dumb. I could just visualize Gage in his Armani suit looking like a GQ model so well I could almost smell his cologne. And Stone, the things I thought about with Stone...

The spicy scenes were definitely at the very least a 4.5/5 for me. I'm going to leave that .5 unclaimed just in case I get any more surprises this month. But yeah, I blushed. I made that stupid face you make when you read something and you're looking around the room just praying no one else can see your face or hear your heart pounding. My eyes bulged and my mouth wouldn't close. Yeah, you know that look. I had to go back and RE-READ it a few times just to make sure I was reading the scene right, making sure all characters were in position as get the picture.

I am floored at how intense this series is. I love how pieces of the Trichotemy is intertwined. I can't wait to dissect this series further along with the other series so I can connect the dots even better before book 4 comes out in September.

santas baby

I'm obsessed with this story. Yet another one that Bex knocks out of the water. I have yet to be disappointed with literally anything she writes. Tensley is so strong and I admire her and adored her. This Christmas read is sweet with all the spice mixed in. 🥵🥵 Well worth the quick read it is!!!


Crash will have you all up in your feelings!
Crash is the intro novella to the Los Diablos Syndicate series.
Ella has had so much darkness in her life and can't find her way out. When she decides to give up, she is saved by a stranger while also saving him. Redwood and Thumbelina are what they call each other and they help each other plan their futures out. When it comes time to part ways, neither one wants to let go, but they know they dont have a choice.
"When the timing is right, we'll be back."
This was an emotional one! I was glued to the pages and I am so freaking excited for this series!!

                           -goodreads reader 


The story is set in San Francisco. This novella gives us the background and mindset of the MFC. Check your trigger warnings! While the novella isn’t steamy, it is emotional. Gives us a look into the main characters and how they found each other. Loved it. Looking forward to book 1 in this series with all the steam and character development. Check out tiktok for previews of book 1. Can’t wait!!!!!​                 -goodreads reader 


Ella is slowly disappearing under a wave of sadness and anxiety that pushes her to a drastic decision. When she steps foot on that bridge to complete her plan, she finds the most attractive man already there. Both seem to get lost in the other at that moment and the oblivion they longed for drifts away. After a deep and meaningful talk, they must part ways even if its oddly crushing. Something surely must sink into both of them from that day. I found this short prequel to be an overwhelming emotional read that had the tears gathering in my eyes. It created so much intrigue in me that I must know what haunts both of them. I know the full length book will be released soon and no power on earth would stop me getting it. I was amazed by how much power this little book can hold. For so few pages, it seems it can pack a punch that will crack even the hardest of hearts.

                      -goodreads reader 


This was the first novella I picked up in a long time and it did exactly what it was supposed to...make me crave the next book! The story of Ella and a mystery man who will later be revealed in the first full length novel Burn by Bex Dawn. This was a quick read that gives us the background we need to pick up their story in the future. It was hot, intense and very emotional for such a quick read. SO SO good! Be warned if you have triggers to read the intro/trigger warnings first as it jumps right into dark content.

"He's built. He's wide, strong and beautiful. He's so much bigger than me that I really should be afraid of him. But I know a man doesn't have to be huge to be scary. Tormentors come in all shapes and sizes."

Cannot wait to read the read of Ella and Redwoods story in the Los Diablos Syndicate full length novels. 

                                    -goodreads reader

rough love


So prior to reading this I read the two prequels. They had me on the edge of my seat! A part of me didn't expect and didn't want to love this as much as I did. I don't think my heart could take it.

Now I feel like I'm on a precipice wanting someone to just push me so I can land softly in whatever the finale has in store for us.

I just wasn't expecting to connect to Violet thought the series and fall in love with these three men. I mean sure the more the merrier but personalities can get lost in the sauce. Bex Dawn the brilliant woman she is has created these men to be wholly different and yet equally sexy and entertaining.

Violet take us on such a while wind of emotions that there were times I needed to step away gather myself and come back. I wanted to eat this book by the end of it and we are still on a cliff hanger. I just want the next one to be out already.
If you haven't read a Bex Dawn book you need to and if you haven't read this series your missing out. ❤️❤️❤️

tough love

Damn did I go through a roller coaster of emotions reading this novel. Bex does an amazing job keeping me on the edge of my seat and man did my heart break for the boys and Violet included. Please check TW/CW before reading. This book is darker than the first two.

Tough Love picks up right where that very cruel cliffhanger left off. Violet is unfortunately captured by Renz's sleazy uncle. Man do I hate this guy. And not only is she drugged continuously to be transported everywhere but she gets sent to his horrendous house where he keeps woman and children. And just when she thinks she can keep her hopes up and rescue all of them she is transported AGAIN to Diaz's house where the most god awful things happen to her. She is luckier than most but damn does it hurt.

As soon as Renz finally sub comes to his feelings and accepts her into his world, she is taken. Now he, Zac and Eli must do everything in their power to get her back. That includes making a deal with Achilles and working with whoever can help. Poor Eli, who feels the most goes through it rough. He is already dealing with his demons and this is making it harder for him to not loose control. But the bond these boys share for her is incredible. It brings out an even more protective side of each of them and their love for her grows even more.

Don't worry to much because Violet is a badass and she is strong. She may not have been born into the mafia world but she fits in just fine. And if you remember the little worry she has in Rough Love along with the little prank with Eli then you'll be screaming with delight at the end of this. I know I did. I'm even more excited that this isn't going to be the last book because I'm not ready to say goodbye to Violet and the boys yet but I also now need to read the other series with Gage and the Los Diablos!


This series will always stick with me. Ella's story is heartbreaking and I relate to her in so many ways. Resurrect is the 3rd book in the LDS series, with the next coming out in 2023 and let me tell you, this series is worth the read and the wait even with the cliffhanger! Evolve, book 2, was my favorite and I didn't think it could get any better after it. But it did, just in different ways. Ella struggles with her past in this one and grows stronger with every page you turn. But watching her grow, even with the constant things she's being thrown is amazing. I can't wait to see her kick ass in book 4. Hunter, my sweet Hunter, I did not care for you much at first but you've proved yourself in book 3 and I love you now.

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