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I walked in on my husband of six years as he cheated on me with his business partner, Lucy.
Honestly, I wasn't even surprised that he was cheating.
He certainly wasn't giving it up to me.
No. I was surprised at how he was cheating.
He was giving this woman everything that I wanted.
Everything that Icraved.
I walked out, filed for divorce, and packed my shit.
Moving to New York with my sister was supposed to be my clean break, my fresh start.
I changed my appearance and my career.
I decided to write a book series.
My inspiration?
The three sexy as hell men who go to my gym.
They don't speak to me, I don't talk to them.
But we watch each other, for months.
Until one night, fate brings us together.
They know about my cravings and they want to satisfy me.
One night only, no names, no numbers.
But what happens when one night isn't enough?

Join Violet on her sexual journey of discovery and pleasure and the three men who give it to her.
*This is a dirty, sexy, smutty novella with moments that are downright depraved. Read at your own discretion and head trigger warnings!

This is a Novella that kicks off the Interconnecting series, The Trichotomy of New York.
To get a little taste of Renz and his boys, read The Los Diablos Syndicate series beginning with Crash.

**Trigger Warnings! Gang violence, drugs/weapons, graphic language, racial and sexual slurs, talk of sexual orientation/coming out and the struggles associated with that, physical and mental abuse, death/murder, drug/alcohol use. Sexual situations that include but are not limited to: choking, breath play, anal play, orgasm denial, impact play, spitting, hitting/slapping, bondage, gagging, degradation, praise, embarrassment, edging, and more. Everything is consensual. Trust me, she wants it & her men take very good care of her before, during & after.

One night.
No names.
No numbers.

Only a safeword, the three men of my dreams, and me.

I knew the terms of our agreement before we began, I really did. I honestly thought that one night with them would be enough.

But all that did was give me a taste. One tiny little taste of everything I had ever wanted and more.

Then, they walked out on me without even a goodbye.

Little do they know that in their haste to run from me, they let their secrets slide.

They tried to keep their identity hidden from me but now I know who they are.

Renz, Isaac, and Elijah.

The men I’ve lusted after for far too long. The men who woke me up and brought me back to life.

They see themselves as dangerous, ruthless killers who are meant to live their lives alone.

I see them for who they really are. Three damaged, broken, sexy as sin men who continually pull me into their world.

The guys pushed me away to keep me safe from their enemies.

But little did they know that I was far safer with them than without.

They call themselves The Trichotomy of New York and they are the Italian Mafia.

*This is a mafia dark romance where the girl will end up with multiple love interests and all of the characters are in their late twenties, early thirties. TW: this series features gangs, sexually explicit content, violence, dark romance, and jealous/possessive themes.

One night.
No names.
No numbers.
Only a safeword, the three men of my dreams, and me.

That’s how it all began…so how did I get here?

After a one-night stand with three rough, brutal mafia men, my life changed dramatically. All four of us felt an instant connection with one another, yet they still left me in the middle of the night without a word. Months passed, and I never heard from them again. I thought they wanted nothing to do with me, and they thought I was safer without them in my life.

They may have been right.

Just days after we reconnected, their lives blew up…literally…and took me with it.

Kidnapped by someone they’ll never expect, scared, alone, and possibly on my way to being knocked up…I have a decision to make...

Fall in line and be the obedient, weak prey my captor expects, or be the wolf in sheep’s clothing my men need to finally take down the enemy from the inside.

I may not have been born and raised in their world, but I’ll be damned if I don’t prove it’s right where I belong.

With my men.

Eli. Renz. Isaac.

They call themselves The Trichotomy of New York. They are the Italian Mafia. The big men in charge. The Kings of New York.

And I, Violet Duncan, am their Queen.

*This is a mafia dark romance where the girl will end up with multiple love interests and doesn't have to choose. All of the characters are in their late twenties, or early thirties. This book has content unsuitable for those under 18 and has material that some readers may find uncomfortable. Full warning on author's site.This book ends on a minor cliffhanger.


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