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A Dark college rockstar reverse harem romance


I can’t breathe.

Existing feels like pouring salt over an open wound.

I hate my life.

So, I got a new one.

In the gold-lined halls of Groveton College, I’m an outsider, a nobody in a sea of wealthy faces. Navigating a world I’ve never known, building friendships, and dodging rivalries is a struggle each day.

All too soon, I’m forced to learn the biggest lesson of them all.

Trust no one, especially them.

The Deviants.

Ezra, Kingston, Ozzy, and the bully to rule all bully’s, Brax.

Four men who exude confidence and danger in equal measure. They’re e

very bit an embodiment of the sexy rockstars they dream to become. They invade my thoughts, my classes, my life, threatening to tear down the carefully constructed barriers I've been forced to build to protect myself.

They want to ruin me, torture me, bring me pleasure like I’ve never known.But I have secrets that threaten to consume me, to unravel the fragile threads holding me together. They weigh heavy on my heart, suffocating me with every breath I take, choking my voice from my lungs.

They say that secrets have a way of coming to light, but you can’t tell a secret if you never speak. Unfortunately, the Deviants are determined to find out who I am and what happened to me, no matter what it may cost us all in the end.

The question is, will they stand by my side when they know my truth?Only time will tell, especially when my past viciously returns, ready to destroy everything I’ve finally built for myself.

Salt is a Reverse Harem College Rockstar Romance where the fmc doesn't have to choose, meant for audiences 18 and over.

This book contains sensitive, dark, and explicit content. For a full warning, please view the authors site.

series tropes

series info


Mention of suicide-past

Death of a parent on page

Attempted murder on page

Murder on page 

Suicide attempt


Food denial/vomitting

Attempted sexual assault



Bully within harem 

Adult themes: sex acts on page, cussing,


Dark content 




Harem that grows

Mf-RH vibes


Slow Burn


Virgin FMC?





FMC on the run


Enemies to lovers



Stigmatophilia-tattoo kink

Somnophilia-sleepy kink

breeding/marking/bc tampering/filling/stuffing/

claiming etc

Blood play

Knife play

Primal Play 

Brontophilia-stormy kink

Cock warming-in the puss


Orgasm Denial

Watersports-the yellow kind

Forced Bathroom Control 

Choking/Breath play

Fear Play

Pain Play 



this is not a complete list but close
salt is book one in a groveton 
    spin-off series. 
     more info to come. 

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